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Thread: growth spurt?

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    Default growth spurt?

    I have noticed LO spending more time at the breast. Which is really great for me considering we have issues with refusal. But I am meaning longer sessions but still refusing at times. Anyhow, last night he nursed from 8:30-11pm and he probably fell asleep on the breast and was just sucking at times, and then wake up and feed again. But most of it felt like real feeding. ANyhow, tried to put him down to bed at 11pm and he woke right up to feed again. Then at 2:30am to feed and I fell asleep while he fed. I woke to him still sucking/feeding at 4am and he wanted the other side. So he fed at 4am, then again at like 6:30 and 7:30 am. And he is nursing for a long time.

    He is 4 months today. Could this be a 4 month growth spurt. I dont recall him doing this for any other growth spurts. Except the first few weeks.

    I am one tired mamma today.
    I guess I do have to say considering all the struggles of breastfeeding we have had and ALL OUT STRIKES, I am a little happy that i can say he nursed well 6 times in a row.

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    My little one has been doing the same. He is 4 months and 3 weeks. It has lasted for a couple of weeks so we've been co-sleeping, it seems to be easing off now but I have heard that there is a growth spurt at 4 months, often mistaken for them needing solids. Most mums i have spoken to going thru' it agree it is a lot more exhausting than any time so far!! Hold on there, it will most probably calm down. Good luck!!

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    Hi, Definally sounds like the big 4 month spurt! My LO did the same thing at 4 months. Now she is at the 6 month spurt and is doing it again! I am tired too.
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