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Thread: I had no idea this was possible

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    Originally Posted by Cristina2007
    I have one more question. What are my chances or being successful without taking medications? I'm happy to take oatmeal and maybe fenugreek but I don't want any artificial medication.

    i relactated without the use of meds, just hand expression and my sons comfort nursing! HTH!
    Me too.

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    Hi there!

    I just had to respond to your post.

    I was a regular here on the forums earlier this year. At the time DD was 6 months old and I was just like you! I found this information and was AMAZED that this was possible.

    You can find my posts a few months back. This is what happened to me, I did have my period already before I started to relactate. I was never successful in nursing DD when she was born, so I let my supply 'dry up' (you are never truly dry) right from the get go. So I already had my period. When I started relactating my period went away. I spotted the first month only then after that I had NO period. Actually I produced 8 oz of milk per day (on exclusive pumping alone, DD would not nurse) for several months. I stopped when she was 10 months old and I just now got my first period since I stopped and it has been almost 4 months. It was kind of nice to miss half of my periods in her first year of her life!

    There is lots of information here on the forums, tons of hugs and support from others and if you PM me I can send you links to other great resources.

    I can tell you this, I did fenugreek, oatmeal (oatmeal cookies too, recipe is somewhere here on the forums) and motilium. I only did the motilium after meeting with a lactation consultant FIRST. She was also a pediatrician so she could write a perscription for me. It wasn't until AFTER I took the motilium that I saw the first signs of milk after only 4 days of exclusive pumping. I did pumping every 2 hours and power pumping in the afternoon. I also woke up every night in the middle of the night, 5 hours after I fell asleep and pumped. Each session was for 15 minutes. After a few months I had 8 oz per day.

    I cannot tell you what an AMAZING feeling it was to see her drink my liquid GOLD I call it! I felt so proud. We hit another road block, she weaned from the bottle on her own at 8 months, AND after that she had hand foot and mouth disease at 10 months. With the HFM she cried anytime she would drink, that was right about the time I was just getting her used to trying to nurse. I didn't know she was ill, I thought it was me so I gave up. Turns out she had 5 open ulcers in the back of her throat. But by that time I had already stopped pumping after crying my heart out! She was sick for 6 weeks.

    I have started lurking back on here again. Although DD is almost 14 months now I still have a desire to try again. She's really smart and I think that she could figure out what the breast is for if I had some milk and gave her another chance. I'm contemplating it!

    I say GO FOR IT! I wish you luck!

    Oh I have to say a really cool thing. When she had the HFM disease, the Dr said that she could never get it again. I asked why? He said it is because I was feeding her my breastmilk in the blood test they could see that she already had the antibodies building up in HIGH amounts and he praised me for giving her my milk! I felt so good, but sad at the same time because I stopped not knowing why she wouldn't drink until we were in the ER! But anyway, good to know and just another reason to keep trying to give our kids the GOLD!

    I'm going to scoot over to the extending BF to lurk over there since I'm thinking about getting my DD to nurse!

    Take care! PM me if you need more info!


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    It's good to have you back!


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    I have been reading all the stickies that Tiana has so generously collected for us. I bet your daughter would really benefit from being around other nursing babies. I really liked the idea of putting up a poster of a nursing pair. You might even get some "how to" videos/DVDs to watch together, daily. I know that my kiddos are so powerfully influenced by what they see on TV that we have to keep it off ('cause most of it is JUNK!!!). They do everything they see!

    That was such an encouragement to know that partial breastfeeding benefits can be seen in blood work.

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