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Thread: Bite? Milk Blister or Thrush? Help!

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    Default Bite? Milk Blister or Thrush? Help!

    I need some help. My son is 8 months old and has 4 teeth now (two top & two bottom). He has experimented with biting/grating his teeth on the nipple a bit and at first I would just notice a little clear bubble appear on the end of my nipple and it would go away in a few days. These bubbles caused some pain but were bearable.

    BUT, the other day after one of these little scrape/bites the little bubbles didn't go away. Now I seem to have a white area on the tip of my nipple and another area that is kind of red/cracking. Nursing KILLS! It hurts before, during and after. My nipple is super sore and highly sensitive. I have just been trying to tough it out (probably been about 3-4 days) but I am worried something more serious is going on (thrush?). I have never had a milk blister. I have had clogged ducks on occasion but I have cleared them and never gotten a blister. I don't seem to have any clogging or lumps in my breast itself. Can anyone decipher my problem and give me some advice?

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    Mother to Cole

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    Default Re: Bite? Milk Blister or Thrush? Help!

    Definitely go see a lactation consultant for an opinion and start Jack Newman’s all purpose nipple ointment. (Lortimin, Neosporin, & Cortisone.) Act like this is thrush until you are told otherwise. You don’t want this to move deeper into the breast. That happened to me and it took 4 months to clear up. Best of luck.

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