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Thread: I think we're weaned

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    Well, I think our nursing journey has come to an end. DS is 3 1/2, and I am 16 weeks pregnant with our second baby. I've been pretty sore lately from the pregnancy, and so have been encouraging DS to go without nursing. We were down to just every few days, and then went about a week and a half without nursing. He was generally fine with not nursing as long as we talked about it ahead of time (bedtime and morning had been our usual nursing sessions for the last several months). However, he would often ask when he'd be able to nurse again. He'd been asking when he could nurse for several days in a row, so a couple nights ago I said that he could before bed. Well, he seemed to have forgotten how! He didn't even latch. I didn't think he would forget after that short of time, but that seems to be the case. So, we talked about weaning and he said he thought he was ready and he wants a weaning party with pumpkin cake and chocolate ice cream, lol.

    He was such an avid nurser for SO long, I really never thought this time would come. I'm happy about it in that I really didn't want to tandem nurse. But, I'm also sad. I feel a little bad that it was more directed by me than by him, even though he seemed fine with the progression. He just seems to have grown up so much just in the last few months. Where did my baby go?

    Thanks for listening...

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    Awww, sweet story! Congrats on going so long! It seems very natural and I'll bet he would have put up a fight if he really wasn't ready so don't stress over that!

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    CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! :tumbsup I commend you for a job VERY WELL DONE!! You're FABULOUS for nursing him as long as you did and not giving in to the social pressure that we nursing moms face, especially when nursing a toddler!!!!
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    wow!! 3.5 yrs is amazing!

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    Yes 3.5 years is amazing. When my daughter told me she was ready for the party I knew she was ready. There was no way she'd agree to an official celebration when she wasn't ready to be done. He's ready for big brotherhood. You get that boy his pumpkin cake and chocolate ice cream. A couple more lasting "big boy" presents (something babies can't have) might be nice too. Our weaning party was simple and quiet, but my dd is still proud of herself for deciding to wean. She was really done before she decided, as yours was. I helped her get there, but SHE was the one to decide it was all over. Now, a month after the party, she can't remember how it feels and thinks it's so silly how Maggie (From the book Maggie's Weaning) thinks it tastes better than strawberries. ("No it doesn't!)

    And guess what? That baby still shows up from time to time. She still prefers to sleep with mommy, still wants to be held a lot, etc.

    Aren't you glad you went this long? Enjoy your short break. If you weren't pregnant I'd tell you to go out and have your OWN weaning party. But I'm sure you can find a way to celebrate. Good job mom. Good job DS.

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