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Thread: ok to store milk with blood?

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    Default ok to store milk with blood?

    Hi ladies. I'm here for help again!

    I got a blik blister on my nipple, which then turned into a blood blister. Just now, I am pumping at work, and the blood blister popped and a bit of blood is being expressed into the milk. I know it is OK for LO to drink milk with blood in it, but this milk will be scalded and frozen in the deep freezer since I BF on the weekends.

    Monday's milk comes from the deep freezer and I pick out the oldest packs (to keep things in rotation and fresh -something I learned here!).

    Is it OK to freeze away this slightly bloody batch? Do you think it is OK to scald it too? Or should I keep it fresh and use it first? Or, maybe, I should just dump it? I don't know if the blood will change the flavor or longevity?

    Thanks for you help!

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    Default Re: ok to store milk with blood?

    My best suggestion is to scald, then use ASAP.

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    I was a pumper for 21/2 years and this came up quite a few times. Its fine, no need to scald. I never had much of a freezer stash, so she always got it the next day. At first it grossed me out, but I got used to it, and she didn't care. Milk and blood seperated, but she drank it just fine.

    I know this is late and your blister has passed if not, I have some tips that worked for me.

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