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Thread: Baby up and down feedings

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    Default Baby up and down feedings

    So my dd is 3 months old and she has started to demand both breast before bed. It lets her sleep all night from 10 pm to 6 a.m., but it gets my milk supply increasing and then she is back to her one side for 5-10 min during the day on one side. I feel engorged all day again. In order to not get another severe case of mastitis I am "block feeding"- I think thats what they called it on this site. It still leaves teh other side fuller before she wants to eat again. What should I do about her feeding? Do I try to make her take both sides, or just keep going this way and hope it balances? Help me please.
    I am so excited to have made it this long with this daughter I don't want to lose it!!

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    Have you tried pumping after feeds? But this will increase your supply. Why not pump the side she did not take at her previous feed? Also I read somewhere that coffee can help reduce supply. What about cabbage leaves? When I was engorged I stuck them into the freezer until they were almost frozen. Then I would just sick them into my bra.

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    I hade a major oversupply for about 3 months and it finally settled at about 14 weeks, after blockfeeding. How long are your blocks? I had to start with 6 hr blocks, then reduced to 4. Now, at 8 months, we just feed one side per feeding and switch sides each time. One side per feeding is perfectly fine and ensures that your LO will get hindmilk. If you're uncomfortable, just pump just a little to take the pressure off.

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