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Thread: Watery Milk?

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    Question Watery Milk?

    I use to have a nice supply of milk, with a beautiful color, but recently it's been almost like water. It is thin, and looks like 1/2 % milk, maybe a little more. I still produce a lot of it, but I am not sure if my son is getting the full nutritional value he should be. Any thoughts, or ideas on how to make it thicker again?

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    How old is your baby? It is normal for your milk to change color as time goes on. Mine started out yellow-white (Perhaps because the colostrum was still tinting it?) and over time shifted to an almost bluish white that did look significantly more watery.

    If you're concerned about your milk having enough fat in it, you might try completely emptying your breast, whether by pumping or nursing. (Nurse on a breast until baby falls off by himself, or pump until the milk stops flowing.) If you empty the breast out completely, you've taken out not only the watery foremilk but also the creamy hindmilk.

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    My DD is six months Saturday, and I have noticed that my milk has also become more watery and also has a bluish colour. But she is such a chubby happy baby and gaining weight just fine so I'm not concerned at all.

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    Perhaps try pumping longer, massage while pumping, or hand expression combined with pumping. It could be that you're not pumping long enough to reach as much hindmilk.

    That being said, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the milk you're pumping now. Color variations, variations in amount of hindmilk, ect. are all normal! Here's some information about the color variations in milk:

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