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    My baby is two months old and I have started pumping but the baby rejects the bottle. I have read tips about how the father should help with the bottle to make the transition easier but my husband is very busy at work and can't help. I have tried for a few days now with no results. I'm very frustrated, what should I do!! Have any mother had success with introducing the bottle to the baby. Greatly appreciate any tips!

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    Is there a particular reason why you're pumping and offering the bottle? Do you need to be separated from baby?

    There are lots of tips for getting baby to take a bottle. It might be harder, though, if only you are offering the bottle. Many babies won't take a bottle, knowing the REAL milk containers are right there. Here's some info:

    You might also try feeding via cup, spoon, or dropper. Sometimes babies won't take a bottle, but will take a different alternative feeding method.

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