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Thread: How many nursing mothers cosleep?

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    Although I love the idea of it, I do not cosleep with my 4 month old ds and never have because I am too much of a light sleeper - I couldn't get a wink of sleep with him in my bed. I've managed only an occasional nap together! I think its ok that I don't because since I am such a light sleeper, I make it to his crib before his rustling even becomes a cry, so he's not off in another room crying for 10 minutes before I attend to him. I think either one is fine!
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    We co slept until kaylee was about 3 or 4 months...then we started putting her in the crib...while i enjoyed (and hubby absolutely loved it), i sleep better and so does she...she is almost a year oldand she is starting to wean herself, wanting her sippy except at night well, hope this helps....i didn't care what people thought of cosleeping because it was all about getting sleep for her and me

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    We began co-sleeping on the 2nd or 3rd night home from the hospital because it was the only way to get Hannah to sleep. I think that both of us sleep better if we are in the same bed. And I love to wake up in the morning and see her little face

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    I cosleep with my 6 month old. She started sleeping in her crib in my room and when she would wake up I would take her to the chair and nurse...and usually fall asleep lol. She started sleeping through the night. Tehn at about 4.5 months she started waking up at night again so I started taking her to bed with me and it is so much easier. She starts out in her crib and when she wakes up she comes to bed with me. I sleep a lot better with her in the bed.
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