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    Hello.....just wondering if anyone has noticed that their baby has a constant tummy ache and gas. I have had overactive/letdown and supply issues, but have been feeding in 6 hour blocks...and things are really settling down.

    However, since my baby was born (he is now 3 months old), he often gets burpy and gassy and has indigestion after feeding. This wakes him from his sleep and also makes him fuss if he is awake.

    I have really frustrated with this problem, and I wonder if he is taking too much food. He will actually spit up 4-5 hours after feeding often!!!

    Maybe he is sucking too long for comfort and because I have an easy letdown he just keeps getting milk. It is really difficult for me to tell when he is sucking for food as opposed to comfort, as even a really gentle suck seems to release the milk.

    Anyone else had issues with this?? Should I just try to cut him off (but then he mght not get the hindmilk??)

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    There are several things that could be causing your baby to spit up this way. If it seems like your oversupply/OALD has calmed down, and your baby is still uncomfortable, it might be that baby is reacting to something in your diet. Cows milk is the most common culprit, but their are others. Check out the Allergies forum for more information.

    Have you discussed this issue with baby's healthcare provider? What did they say?

    Hang in there,


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