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Thread: breastfeeding from a bottle

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    how much should a 9 week old be eating when he is eating pumped breastmilk? i'm afraid he is getting fed too much when i am at work, he has gained A LOT of weight in the past 3 weeks and it started when i went back to work. at one point he was fed 7 oz, and i thought that was just way too much for a 9 week old baby, please help!

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    I am pumping, and my little girl is 7 weeks and is getting 28-30 ounces in a 24hour period. She is gaining really well. I've noticed that if she gets more then 4 oz at one time she tends to spit it back up. My guess is that 9 weeks is probably about the same since there are no growth spurts in those two weeks. Hope that helps!
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    7 oz is probably way too much. I cant remember for sure now, but Im guessing my baby was getting about 3-4oz when he was that age. But I guess it also depends on how many times your baby feeds in a day.

    Also check out this link.. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkcalc.html


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