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Thread: BF'ing and tooth decay

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    Default BF'ing and tooth decay

    I know this has come up before... but I didn't really pay attention because my baby didn't have any teeth yet. However, this morning I can finally feel the bottom left front tooth pushing through!!! Logan has a tooth, oh my.

    So how does it work with BF'ing and teeth? We co-sleep and he nurses at night, will that make his new teeth full of cavities? Do I stop nighttime nursing?

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    Default Re: BF'ing and tooth decay

    I'm sorry I don't have the link, but a recent study just came out showing that there was no link between breastfeeding and tooth decay.
    I continued night nursing my DD up until a couple of months ago and she has a mouthful of lovely teeth. We brush them every night and morning. Up until 2 years old you should use either no toothpaste (just a clean cloth or wet brush) or flouride-free toothpaste (we have a gerber kind made with xylitol).
    Good luck! Don't fear the teeth!


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    Default Re: BF'ing and tooth decay

    I posted the recent link to the study I'll BRB :tumbsup

    ETA- here it is > Study
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    Default Re: BF'ing and tooth decay

    There are substances in the BM that protect the teeth against tooth decay. Also the way BF works (the fact that milk comes into the baby's mouth only when s/he sucks unlike bottles where milk continues to drop into his/her mouth) prevents decay because the teeth do not sit in a pool of milk for long periods of time.

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