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Thread: Why Am I In So Much Pain?

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    Default Why Am I In So Much Pain?

    Hi! I have been breastfeeding my two week old daughter and have been in pain since day one. At first it was an incorrect latch, but now she seems to have a good one. My nipples are very tender and sore, but they aren't cracked or bleeding. It hurts so bad when she first latches on, but usually goes away in a couple minutes. That kind of tells me that her latch is good, right?

    And last week a new problem has started. It started to get pretty bad last night. I don't know whether to call my doctor about it or not, and what doctor do I call? My OB or daughter's pediatrician? Anyways, the pain is in both of my breasts and I've noticed it starts after I feed her. It is in the same spot on both sides, the upper inner part and then a little pain on the exact opposite spot. It is like a sharp aching and it lasts for a couple hours. Also when my milk lets downs, it is so paonful in that spot, mostly on my right breast and it feels like needles are stabbing my nipple! I've had to pump for my daughter's feedings last night and this morning. I can't bear to latch her on right now!

    Has anyone experienced something like this? I've read about mastits and clogged ducts, and my symptoms don't sound like those. Is it possible that my daughter is just sucking so hard she is bruising me inside? The physical therapist she has been seeing told me she has a suck so strong she suck the wallpaper right off the wall!

    I forgot to add that when I'm pumping, I'm only getting about half of what I get on the right side. And I noticed last night that when she was on my right breast, she wasn't swallowing much.

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    It sounds like it may be thrush. It's an overgrowth of yeast in your nipple & breast. Here's several articles on it:


    It's probably best to go see a doc or lactation consultant to make sure it's thrush and not something else. I had it when DD was first born & it took a while to get rid of. I used the treatment recommended by Jack Newman (it's on that page)- gentian violet, All Purpose Nipple Ointment, we tried grapefruit seed extract but DD had a reaction and finally diflucan. If you use the ointment, just make sure to stick with it faithfully. I think I almost got rid of it and then slacked off and it came back, so then we used the diflucan. Usually both mom & baby are treated because you can pass it back and forth. You'll probably have to call both doctors, but maybe one will write prescriptions for both of you. Actually, I think gentian violet is over the counter, but I'm not sure. The nipple ointment makes a big difference in the pain. I hope you get quick results, I remember that pain!

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    It could also be Raynaud's or nipple blanching. Do your nipples turn white in spots (or all over) when you are feeling the pain? I thought I had a yeast infection too but it turned out to be blanching of the nipples. It is VERY painful at it's worst but, for me, it's getting better now. It does happen after a feed. I also had the razor like pain through the nipple and it extended all the way to my back. Is it the same for you?

    Also, my DS seems to have a very strong suck as well!!! I am actually feeling a tugging under my arm when he nurses on my left breast. It feels like he's going to pull something out It all does get better, though. We have also had a multitude of problems that are all getting better

    Oh, and I still have about 15-30 seconds of pain at latch. I've also read if it goes away, then all is good!
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    Agreeing with the others -- I suspect either thrush or Reynaud's, or both.

    Try applying heat to both breasts after feeding, and see if that helps. Reynaud's causes blood vessels to constrict severely, and heat helps them to open up again. So try a couple of heating pads so you can warm both breasts at once, right after nursing.


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    I had the same problem with tender nipples: bad latch at first, then nipple blanching. It slowly subsided after about 2 months and we've nursed pain free ever since. I would check with the doctor about the pain in the breast tissue.

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