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Thread: How much longer?

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    I have been trying to correct my oversupply for over a week now. I am not sure that it is working. I am block feeding on weekends and evenings, but during the week I have to pump. Could my pumping be encouraging more milk? I had been double pumping 3 x a day. Now I am single pumping 3 x a day and I alternate sides. I usually have just the right amount of millk for the next day, but no extra. ( which is fine since I have about 100 oz in the freezer.) I don't think I could make it through a day with only pumping on one side. Also, DD is almost 4 months and I am expecting a growth spurt any time now, and I don't want to comprimise my milk. Ugh. How much longer until I see an improvement?? I feel so bad when I feed her and she arches her back and her tummy hurts from all of the foremilk, I hate to think that my milk is hurting her.

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    Right, during the growth spurt, you'll probably notice a turn-around in your bf experience b/c your LOs demand is catching up with your supply. My LO's 4 month growth spurt was the most noticeable for me (she started rolling over then too).

    I don't pump, but if you still notice an OS/OALD after that, perhaps you can try pumping just 2x / day, or increase your block periods?

    Once your supply regulates (probably aorund the corner, hang in there!), you may notice that full feeling goes away, or that your breasts are softer. Don't panic b/c if you continue to feed on cue, then your supply will catch up again in a couple of days. Good Luck!

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