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Thread: how much ebm to leave for nearly 3 mo old?

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    Question how much ebm to leave for nearly 3 mo old?

    Hi all...

    I have to return to work in about 3 weeks. I am wondering about how much ebm to leave for my dd who will be 11 weeks when I return to work. I have been breastfeeding her since birth, but we have given her ebm in bottles twice. The first time, she drank about 2 ounces, but the second time (about a week ago), she drank 4 ounces! When I return to work, I will be working from 7am to 7:30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She will be at daycare on Fridays and then with dh on the weekends. Here is my concern... If she is going to drink 4 ounces at each feeding (which are still every 2-2 1/2 hours during the day), I'm going to have to come up with 24 ounces of ebm to leave for her three days each week! There's no way I will be able to pump every 2 hours so I'm worried that I will not be able to have enough ebm to get her through these weekends!

    Also, I should note that I have a bit of a frozen store built up from my two bouts of mastitis, but would really prefer not to pump during the day when I'm with her because I'm worried that it was exactly that that caused my oversupply.

    Aahhh! I really don't know what to do! Any advice would be much appreciated! Should I have dh give her a bottle once or twice before I go back to work so I can see exactly how much I'll be able to pump in one sitting? I do have the Medela PIS, and the lactation room at the hospital has a pump that I could use, also...

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    Default Re: how much ebm to leave for nearly 3 mo old?

    Might be a silly question but, can your husband bring your little one to work on Sat and Sun to nurse? That might help lessen the need to stockpile. You'll just have to make your eomplyer understand that your breaks and lunch are going to have to work around your little ones nursing patterns.

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    Default Re: how much ebm to leave for nearly 3 mo old?

    Most infants take 1-1.5oz for each hour they are apart from their mother. So, if you'll be gone 12 hours, expect your baby to take 12-18oz while you're apart. This may be in 3oz bottles every three hours, or 2oz bottles every two hours.

    Make sure you're using slow-flow bottle nipples, and help your caregiver to understand that taking 2-3oz at a time is normal for breastfed infants, although up to 8oz at a time may be normal for a formula fed infant.

    Any way DH can make a trip in to your work a time or two during the weekend for you to nurse your baby? It won't eliminate all pumpings, but could help out, both with reducing pumping, and for your peace of mind.
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