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Thread: Paranoid about dreaded percentages

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    Default Paranoid about dreaded percentages

    I have 5 daughters. The first 4 were all 7lbs 5ouces+ at birth and then stayed 50% or more for length and 15%-25% for weight for their first several years. This new baby was 6lbs 11 oz when born and became so Jaundiced(21.5 biliruben) that she had to be rehospitalized. At admittance, the nurses insisted I wasn't feeding her enough in spite of the fact I was hugely engorged and had me pump. They threatened that she would need formula if I didn't get her to eat more. I told them it wasn't going to happen and they called my Dr to complain about me. They were shocked I could pump 7 ounces after nursing her. Dr arrived and told me not to pump, that she didn't need formula so that was that. Well, baby was weighed obsessively for the 2 days she was in the hospital. I was sent home with a light blanket and visiting nurses to come take blood everyday and weigh the baby. For 1 week until I refused the nurses visits, I had to write down every time I nursed the baby and how long down to the minute and which side. I had to record her wet/dirty diapers and when the nurses showed up they would quiz me on the information and tell me she wasn't gaining enough weight and that I wasn't feeding her enough. I was making me really tense, having people coming to my house telling me I was failing at nursing when I had nursed my other 4 kids successfully. Well, after stopping the nurses visits to save my sanity, I took her to the family Dr for her 2 week check up. She weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces. They were terribly concerned and said I would have to bring her back every week until she started gaining weight better. I had thought getting back to a bit more than her birth weight by 2 weeks was OK.
    At this point fate intervened and my insurance company mistakenly assigned me the wrong Dr and I was unable to go back for the weight checks. I continued to weight her at home on my kitchen scale because by this time my confidence had been totally undermined. I still neurotically count how many feedings in 24 hours. Here are her numbers:
    Birth 6lbs 11oz
    2 weeks 6lbs 13oz
    3 weeks 7lbs 1 oz
    4 weeks 7lbs 5 oz
    5 weeks 8lbs 1 oz
    She eats 6-7 times a day for 15-20 minutes and dirties 8-10 diapers a day.
    So why do they tell me it isn't good enough? She isn't a baby with rolls of fat, but none of my kids have been, but she has chubby cheeks and thighs. DH keeps telling me not to worry she is doing fine but I feel so defensive about her growth. She will be 6 weeks old this week and I should be making an appointment to get her first vaccinations but I am reluctant to hear that she is too thin again. Any advice?
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    Default Re: Paranoid about dreaded percentages

    Sounds like fine weight gain to me..(JMO of course) :cool . a little on the lower end according the the link I give in a second... (I punched in your numbers on the page here - take a peek) but I do have one question - what was her lowest/discharge weight because it's best to go by their lowest weight because thats reall where they've 'come from' you know?

    Oh and was she born at term?

    Your best tool in knowing how well shes doing is her output - and you've got that covered.

    Maybe you'll get a new doc next time around.:tumbsup
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    Default Re: Paranoid about dreaded percentages

    My son was born one week early and was born with low birth weight and had a bad case of jaundice too. MPO is that the hospital your getting your baby girl checked at is neurotic. Robert was born 5lbs 2oz but never really lost weight. He has been doing great with his weight gaining about a pound a week but he's still just a tad yellow in the eyes but its been getting progressively better. I know that during the first week they had me running back and forth to the clinic to get his blood checked but and asked about his diapers but they never question how much and how often he ate. Also, once the billiruben started going down in his blood and I got to stop going to the clinic his poopy diapers went down. Now he only goes between 0 one day and up to four times in one day.

    I don't think that they are doing their job professionally and effectively by making you question you motherly capabilities. You have four other girls and if they're fine they should treat you with respect. I'm a first timer and they never questioned me. I would say to get another medical opinion and explain your daughters percentages clearly if your girl seems fine it must be family related. With that many dirty diapers your baby has to be a-okay.

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    Default Re: Paranoid about dreaded percentages

    Do you think they went a bit overboard?

    My son as jaundiced with bili up to 21. something. Don't remember. WE were home with a billi light and nursing on demand.

    My son's weights were nearly identical to your LO's.

    My Dr. is holisitic, and did not alarm me by overreacting. We did go into the clinic everyday for blood tests for almost 2 weeks, but that was not a big deal since it's really close to home.

    I was never encouraged to use formula. The Dr. explained why it is sometimes is done, but never so much as suggested to do it. He basically said don't worry, and nurse frequently. Wake him to eat if he slept more than 4 hours.

    My Dr. strongly believes that the mother knows best and trusts the momma instincts. I completely my Dr.

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    Default Re: Paranoid about dreaded percentages

    That's so odd because my daughter has been gaining at a similar pace (except for during growth spurts) and our pediatrician is pleased with her progress. How much to they think she should be gaining?

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    Default Re: Paranoid about dreaded percentages

    I think it truley depends on your Dr. The first one that we went to suggested that we supplement him... I knew from looking at Kellymom that he was gaining fine for being breastfed and there was no reason to supplement. I was furious though and had a bit of a fight with my DF cause he thinks because you are a Dr you are god and we have to listen to them. Nope not happening. We switched to another Dr at that establishment, and boy do we loooooove her. She is so pro BF, she has been helping with DS weight, which makes me a whole lot happier and not scared to go to the Dr cause I don't want to hear that I should supplement.

    So basically go with your gut insticnit. Your LO seems to be doing wonderfully and you are doing an awesome job Mama, keep up the good work.

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