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Thread: 14 months old and still not THAT crazy about food?

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    Default 14 months old and still not THAT crazy about food?

    My son is 14 months old and LOVES his nursies. We started solids at 6 months and progressed things rather slowly but steadily from there. He is healthy and growing fine, developing fine too, he isn't walking yet but I know that is not unusual at his age (he has always been a tall baby). He just isn't that crazy about food! He eats, and sometimes surprises us by eating something we don't think he will like (like plain black beans, for example) but he is nowhere near eating "square" meals 3 times a day!

    He has just gotten over roseola and I know his appetite was not the best then, which is understandable. Fortunately I am a SAHM and he can nurse anytime, he has always been a good nurser and I've always had good supply. I think I have read about babies who still do not like solids much at all at this age, but I just thought I'd write in and see what you think! Thanks!!

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    Default Re: 14 months old and still not THAT crazy about food?

    Hi Liz,
    You can be assured that your milk is providing wonderful nutrition for your son, even at 14 months of age! Some babies do take longer to replace breastfeeding with solids. Some are still getting the majority of their nutrition up to this age and even longer from breastmilk. Your son may have some allergies or other aversions to certain foods and he is guarding himself in his own way. Reluctance to eat certain foods is wonderful protection for many babies! He may also just be on his own time table and will take his own time on this one! As long as he is growing and overall healthy, this is nothing to worry about! He is lucky to have such an understanding mom!

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