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Thread: Hard to latch at night

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    Default Hard to latch at night

    Hi all,

    My little one is 12 days old. We are great at breastfeeding during the day, but at night it is horrible.

    I have her in a bassinet next to my bed, with Dad sleeping on the couch!!

    She is so hard to latch on! I have tried laying on my side using the "nursing nest". I try to sit up and use my boppy. I even have a "my breast friend" pillow and tried that, it takes her 20 minutes to latch on, and then another 20 minutes of feeding on each side! I can nap now during the day, but I only have 7 weeks of maternity leave left. I need to get her better at night, so we can both sleep!!

    Any suggestions. I am getting so engorged during the day, I have to pump twice. I really did not want to start her on expressed bottles untill closer to when I had to go back to work, but Dad might be having to give her a bottle during the night soon to give me a break!!

    Thanks for any help!!
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    Default Re: Hard to latch at night

    Congratulations on your new baby and your success with breastfeeding. What you're describing sounds like you're headed in the right direction.

    The longer you can hold off on the bottle, the better. Just keep trying new night positions until you find something that works the best and your little one will become better at latching all the time, even nights, soon.

    And continue to nap whenever she naps, it's essential right now.
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    Default Re: Hard to latch at night

    I agree some babies it just takes a while to get the hang of nursing.

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    I would advise you to practice during the day when you are not tired. Find a comfortable position lying on your side, and then position your baby on her side with her chest and tummy pressed into yours. Her mouth will be below your nipple, with her nose at the level of your nipple or below and her chin pressed into your breast. You don't have to support your breast; the bed supports it. You can use your free arm to hold her back snugly. She should be able to feel around with her face and latch on by herself.

    Let us know how it goes!


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    Default Re: Hard to latch at night

    Hang in there! Your lo will get much better at latching on over the next few weeks. It is really hard in the beginning sometimes, especially at night, but it does get better! Keep up with the napping during the day.

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