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Thread: At my wits end

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    I don't know for sure, but that does sound a lot like a growth spurt, or the ones we've had anyway. One day I wasn't able to get off the couch; he was latched on at least 45 minutes of every hour for 13 hours!!!! I was in tears and so was he, and I remember how hard and discouraging it was.

    I would say definitely do a couple of things:
    1. SLEEP. Now. While he sleeps. Leave the computer and crash somewhere. Exhaustion--and I know you have to be worn out--is only going to wear you down more.
    2. Call a leader, or another lactation consultant/IBCLC. This can get better. I am going to take the liberty of speaking for everyone here and say that we know it can. It can be so hard. But it gets easier, and there will come a day when you will think, wow, we haven't had a struggle today. Or if you do have one, you'll figure it out and it won't seem as overwhelming as it does now.

    When I first found this forum I thought all these mamas just automatically knew what to do, they were so experienced and always seemed to know what to suggest. It didn't take long to learn that they had all been where I was too. You are not alone.

    Also, Gretchen (Haley's Mama) is exactly right--pumping is not a good indicator of how much milk you're producing or of how much he's getting. He is much more efficient at getting milk from your breasts than the pump is. Just as she said, if his wets and dirties are where they need to be, he's ok.
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