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Thread: pump parts-optional or crucial?

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    Default pump parts-optional or crucial?

    Hi there! I'm expecting my first baby in December, and I've got some questions about pumps.

    I'm thinking of buying this--

    --the Medela Mini Electric Plus pump, if you're familiar with it. Anyway, I think the set I saw in the store included only what you see in the picture there.
    I've seen more expensive sets that include things like storage bags, gel packs, etc..
    I plan on feeding straight from the breast most of the time for at least the first 6 months, as I'll be a SAHM. My question is, as long as I'm not having any real problems with using the pump, do you think what you see in the picture is enough (of course I will be sure to get nipple cream and disposable pads) or should I go ahead and get the whole package with the storage bags and all that jazz?
    Is there anything not shown in the package that you'd say is a must-have for part-time pumping moms? For example, is there a particular kind of nipple cream that works wonders for you? And finally, if I'm just going out occasionally for short periods of time, let's say for dinner or to spend time alone with the hubby, how many additional bottles would you say I'd need (this set includes 2)?
    Thank so much for reading! Sorry I had so many questions!

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    Default Re: pump parts-optional or crucial?

    Hey there! I would say that the pump is fine, and you don't really need all that other stuff. One thing I will say is DON'T introduce the bottle until breastfeeding is well established. We did, and now I am just pumping and my baby won't nurse yet. We had other problems too, but the bottle just made everything worse.

    Anyway at 1-6 months, your baby will probably need 26-30 ounces in a 24 hour period, so the number of bottles you would need would really depend on how many feedings you would be gone. That said, you could get by with just washing one bottle if your milk was stored in bags.

    I use Lansinoh brand lanolin cream because I got a free tube in the hospital and it hasn't run out yet . The brand doesn't matter so much. The lansinoh brand nipple pads also sometimes come with free storage bag samples. That is what I have all my freezer stash stored in!

    Congrats on your upcoming baby, and best luck breastfeeding. All I can say is listen to your gut feelings about nursing, and double check any advice you get (even in the hospital or peditricians (sp?) office) because lots of people mean well, but don't know what is best for you and your baby.
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    Default Re: pump parts-optional or crucial?

    I agree with pp

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    Default Re: pump parts-optional or crucial?

    I have the Medela swing as I only pump occasionally and am a SAHM and really only pump to build an emergency supply and for nights out. So I say this is fine. If you want to pick up a pack of freezer bags if you want to have a stash I would do that. I found the Medela ones were great but pricey, and the Avent ones tore holes to easily. I found ones made by Dr BROWN which are nice and thick have a double zipper and are cheaper then the medelas.

    I agree I would not bottle feed until breastfeeding is well estabished. Good Luck!

    Oh and Lansinoh brand lanolin is the best. I still use it on chapped lips, sore noses when you have a cold and it hurts to blow, and my Cats leg when it was shaved and on IV and was driving him nuts its an amazing cream!!

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    Default Re: pump parts-optional or crucial?

    The only Must I would say is Lanosh (100% pure lanolin) for your sore nipples. You can put it on and you do not need to wash it off before the baby nurses. Apply it often! ;-)
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    Default Re: pump parts-optional or crucial?

    Thanks so much, all!
    That reminds me, I've read different things about how long you can keep breastmilk in the fridge and freezer. How long do you store milk before it spoils?

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    Default Re: pump parts-optional or crucial?

    I have a Medela pump and in the info that comes with it, it states that breastmilk should be kept in the fridge for 5-7 days and in a freezer with a separate door for 3-4 months. A deep freezer is longer.

    Hope this helps

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