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Thread: Worrying about weight gain

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    Default Worrying about weight gain

    DS had his 4 month check up, and though the doc said he'd doing great, I am worrying. He was 8 lbs. 4 oz at birth and dropped down to 7 lbs 11 oz in the hospital. He was 12 pounds 6 oz at 2 months. At his 4 month he was 13 pounds 14 oz. That's only a pound and half gain. At this rate he won't double his birth weight at 6 months. Aside from that, he's hit all his milestones, is alert, talkative and happy.

    So, should I just relax and stop worrying or what?


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    Default Re: Worrying about weight gain

    Quote Originally Posted by MomtoAandK View Post
    So, should I just relax and stop worrying or what?

    he's happy, active, etc so he's getting enough.

    Doubling birth weight at 6 months is so arbitary. Also he was quite a bit bigger than average at birth, and bigger babies tend to gain slower.

    Your DS gained (just doing a few sums here...) 24oz in 1 month - that's 6oz per week which is great! Have a look at http://www.boots.com/shop/product_de...7680&slmRefer= - it's right in the middle of how much he should be gaining.

    So stop worrying - he's a good healthy weight and a happy baby.

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    Default Re: Worrying about weight gain

    From what Ive learn since being in this forum - as long as diaper count is ok, and that he's happy and healthy, you have nothing to worry

    Both Jack'sMum and myself have got small LOs. I used to worry too, but realized that it's pointless. Some babies are just meant to be small.

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