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Thread: Self weaning? Need some advice, please!

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    Default Self weaning? Need some advice, please!

    Hi Mommies...

    I think Ashelyn (she'll be one year next month) is self weaning. She has two top & two botom teth and has been biting me a lot lately. Mostly because she's not that interested in nursing. Sometimes (usually in the AM) she will nurse well one or two times. Then the rest of the day, and even before bed, she kind of pops on & off, bites...just doesn't seem too interested in nursing at all.

    Problem is, she doesn't want to try and figure out the sippy cup. She has taken botles in the past and I am reluctant to try them now since she is just about a year old...so I'd like to go right to sippy cups. She just chews on the spout (we use Nuby for Lexi, so Ashelyn is inheriting those). When she does get some milk, she spits it & blows raspberries.

    So, I don't know wha to do!!! I am probably going to call the Pedi tomorrow because I wory about dehydration. Her diapers are not too wet except maybe one or two a day.

    This all started just a few days ago. I'm sad that she wants to stop nursing (at least that's what it seems like per her cues).

    Any advice? Words of wisdom? Ideas on how to get her used to milk & the sippy cup?

    Oh and BTW - I need to change my signature line, but I am not pregnant any longer (I miscarried on 9/11 at 10.5 weeks), so that is not a factor in this self-weaning.

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    Default Re: Self weaning? Need some advice, please!

    We went through the exact same thing around 10.5-11 months. Actually I blamed the Nuby sippy cup that we were trying to use at the time for the whole biting thing because when babies bite the Nuby milk comes out so they may think the boob may work the same way too. I don't know maybe 11months is the biting age or something. Anyway, I shouted at my son when he started biting so he went on a 12 day nursing strike. The first few nights he would bite at night too so he didn't nurse and we fed him EBM mixed with cereal with a spoon whole day for 12 days. After a few days we continued the daytime cereal feedings but he went back to nursing normally at night. Then he came back and at almost 15 months he is still nursing (not voluntarily I still have to offer him and it has to be sleep time for him to nurse during the day; nights are another story of course, he wakes up to nurse almost every hour ). He still won't drink EBM from a sippy cup though he drinks other things from it. The sippy that he likes is The First Years Take and Toss. I mix EBM with some yogurt and he drinks it from an open cup.

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    Default Re: Self weaning? Need some advice, please!

    Have you tried just a regular cup (with you holding it) or a cup with a straw. DS got the hang of that long before he ever discovered the magic of tipping his head back to drink from the Nuby or Avent sippy cups he's got.

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    Default Re: Self weaning? Need some advice, please!

    Is she teething? We always have issues with biting and nursing less when DS is working on teeth.

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