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Thread: Feedings too short???

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    I am hoping to get some feedback on the length of feedings that are happening with my 4 week old son. He seems to be thriving (1 mo. appointment is tomorrow) and is happy, but here's my questions: He has started to nurse for shorter and shorter periods of time in the last several days. He pulls away from the breast in less than five minutes, lately. I do nurse him frequently, so perhaps he is just "topping off" but I know it's important to get to the hindmilk for more calories. Is he getting any hindmilk after a five minute feeding? Why is he pulling away so soon, lately? I've seen a similar post mention oversupply so I will read up on that, but I would greatly appreciate any information! Thanks!

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    As babies get older and more coordinated, they often become suddenly more efficient at nursing, so they get the milk they need much faster than previously. If he's nursing frequently and he's happy and growing, then you don't have a foremilk/hindmilk problem. The evidence of adequate milk intake will always be his diaper output, so don't try to judge this based on time at the breast.


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    We have had periods of short nursing and then longer nursing also. You may want to nurse on one side like 2x in a row to try to make sure that he is getting that hind milk? Sounds like he is doing great! Let us know how the appointment turns out!

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