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Thread: teething and bf'ing

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    Default teething and bf'ing

    my 3 1/2 month old is teething. she is excessively drooling, irritable and chewing on anything near her mouth and has easy tried putting her whole fist in there!!!

    my mom said that at 3 months when i sprouted a tooth, i bit her so badly she stopped breastfeeding right then and there. my question is, how do you breastfeed when a baby has teeth? how do you keep your baby from biting?


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    My DS will be one tomorrow and his lower 2 teeth sprouted less than two weeks ago. So far he hasn't bite my nipple yet, but he bit my knee today (ouch!). From what I've read on the forum when baby bites say ouch gently and unlatch her and re-latch her until she stop, she'll get the message.

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    My 9mo old son has 4 teeth on top and two on bottom and the only problem we have ever had is that every once in a while when he's done and I'm "popping" him off the breast, he'll drag his somewhat clenched teeth over my nipple. This is my fault, not his- what i'm saying is that you need to remember that they're there and make sure she doesnt have the opportunity to nick you. I dont think it's common for babies to bite your nipple the way they would a toy or food unless you let them play at the breast (then again- that's your fault, not hers).
    The other thing I was going to tell you is that you still may have a while before the first tooth erupts- my ds drooled and chewed forever before he got his first tooth. (I remember thinking he was teething at about 3 mos too but no teeth until like 7 mos)

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    Hi Diana -- Most babies at some point will bite at least once. They don't understand that it hurts you; it's just something to try. When their gums are sore and swollen from teething, then pressure on the gums feels good -- and of course the breast also helps them feel better when they're hurting, so I think they sort of put the two together and try to treat the breast as a teething ring.

    Obviously, this isn't a good idea and can't be permitted to happen endlessly. So you have to teach the baby not to bite you. But in the teaching/learning process, you may well get bitten at least once, and maybe more often. I think if a mother understands that biting is a passing phase that can be helped with appropriate discipline and breastfeeding management, then she will be less likely to wean over one bite (as your mother did).

    For now, just take your baby's teething discomfort seriously, by frequently offering cold teething rings or other chew-safe items (a wet frozen washcloth is a favorite in some families). A minute or two with that before nursing may ease her discomfort and lessen the chance that she will bite while nursing.


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