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Thread: hind milk?

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    Default hind milk?

    hi ladies,
    i posted earlier about a chapped lip thing and have one other question:

    i am a first time mom, and have a 10 day old son. nursing has been great - and i am nursing him around 8-10x a day, he has around 6 wet diapers daily and 4-5 soiled diapers. no problems w/ nursing as far as latch/discomfort etc....so far, so good.

    i nurse approx. every 2 hrs...and every 3 hrs at night.

    we saw the pediatrician a few days ago (not our "2 week appt.") and he is above his birth weight - so the pediatrician was really happy about that -- so he seems to be taking in enough milk.

    my question is this: from my understanding, i am supposed to nurse him on one side....let him finish it, and then offer the other side if he wants it.

    since my milk has come in, it's almost as if my milk is too much for him....either that, or he drains my breast REALLY fast....before when it was just colustrum, he could sit there and nurse for like 25 minutes...but now, it's 10 minutes on one side and he's like passed out....he burps a few times and he's out.

    sometimes he'll wake up immediately, and then want to nurse a little more---so do i offer the same side or go to the other breast?

    also, how do i know when he's "finished"?? sometimes he'll pull away to breathe or for me to burp him or let him sit up...other times he'll fall asleep there.

    i guess i want to know if he's getting any hind milk - i know it's important - and sometimes he's so fast i'm worried he's not getting it.

    do you think he just might be a quick nurser? is there such a thing? or do i need to sort of encourage him to keep nursing - i don't want to force him - it won't work.

    i know this is a long post - just wanted to make sure i'm feeding him long enough and that he's getting the hind milk. sometimes he'll nurse longer -but usually it's 10 min. or so and he's out.

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    Default Re: hind milk?

    I'll defer to others on this one for more sound advice, but I think with such good weight gain and the 4-5 daily mustard/seedy poos, he's getting the right mix of foremilk and hindmilk. Sounds like you got a great lo. JMHO.


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