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Thread: Should I be concerned?

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    Default Should I be concerned?

    My 3 mo old is bf exclusively. Yesterday she did not have any bowel movements. Today she had two huge bowel movements that were liquidy and green. We have had geen bms before but they never had the strange odor that they had today. She also seemed to have a lot of gas. She's had plenty of wet diapers and appears to be a great mood. Do you think this might be something about my diet or a virus or something to ignore?

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    It is not at all unusual for a breastfed baby several months old to go many days without having a bowel movement. Your milk is absorbed so well, with such little waste, that sometimes there isn't anything left to come through!

    If you are feeling that your baby might be reacting to something you ate, that can take a little detective work. Dairy products are often a big culprit, but some moms have had trouble with other foods as well. Green bowel movements along with gas can also happen when your baby gets a lot of foremilk but not much hindmilk. Are you letting her finish one side before offering the other, and not watching the clock? Just something else to consider.

    If you still need help or ideas, let us know!

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    My DS suddenly went from pooing several times a day to doing a huge one every 2 or 3 days at about that age.

    Utterly normal.

    Now you start to play the waiting-for-the-poo game and the I-wonder-how-big-it'll-be game. (DS hasn't pooed since Tuesday!)

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