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Thread: Engorgement.... OUCHHHHHH!!!

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    Unhappy Engorgement.... OUCHHHHHH!!!

    Starting yesterday, my right breast felt really engorged. It is sore (even when nothing is touching it!) I noticed it appeared a little red on the inside close to the nipple. Since I had just fed the baby (9 wks old, and no real problems so far), I put a cold compress on it to help it from swelling before I went to bed.

    I just finished a nightly feeding and he didn't empty it completely. I pumped 4 oz after I put him back to bed. It's been at least 20 minutes and I feels like its swollen up again. My left breast is fine and doesn't feel nearly as full as the right even through it was just pumped!

    Could it be a blocked duct? I see no blister/white spot; the redness appears to have gone now, but the tenderness is still there, and the whole boob seems to be swollen again already...

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Engorgement.... OUCHHHHHH!!!


    heres a good link about plugged ducts and mastitis.
    Take the baby to bed and just rest, and nurse.
    IF you not fealing beter in 12-24 hours or start running a fever give your doctor a call.

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