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    Our bodies are designed to feed our babies.

    This desire to nurse our children can be a trial to strengthen us. A blessing. A chance to learn what we are capable of. A chance to practice endurance, persistence, creativity, and laying down our lives for our babies. These are all character traits that we will need in abundance as mothers for the next
    18+ years.

    Yes, it is a lot of work. Yes it is hard to work for a few drops of milk each day. No, most people will not understand.

    But think about the amazing elements in each drop. Or even if you are not to the drop stage yet, but are putting your baby to the breast to feed with a supplementer, know that this is promoting the alignment of the mouth for teeth and speech. It is drawing your baby to you, his/her mommy to increase that bond.

    I have been an attachment parent with all four of my children, but not "able" to breastfeed any of them. As I was bottle-feeding my four month old, I was suddenly shocked to "listen in on my thoughts" about "what I will do differently next time." WHY DO I NEED TO WAIT FOR A NEXT TIME WHEN I HAVE MY BABY IN MY ARMS RIGHT NOW???? I realized that I was going to relactate.

    I am finding strength by going to the Lord and taking this journey one hour at a time, then one day at a time. I am made beautifully and whole -- and I can feed my baby. Right now it is only drops, but those drops are increasing as I stimulate my body to make more.

    I decided to relactate because of strong feelings of irresolution that came to a head with this devotional. I hope it inspires you as well:

    When we study the characters in the Bible, we need to understand a principle in God's word. It is the principle of the Second before the First." In Corinthians 1:26-27, we see that God chooses the "nothings" for his purpose. Only thus is the self praise of the "natural" man destroyed. For this reason, it is a pervading characteristic of the whole course of redemption that God keeps on choosing the younger before the elder, sets the smaller in priority to the greater, and chooses the second before the first. For example:
    Not Cain but Abel and his substitute, Seth
    Not Esau, but Jacob (Genesis 17:19)
    Not Aaron, but Moses (Exodus 7:7)
    Not Eiab, but David (I Samual 16:6-13)
    Not the first king Saul, but the second Kind, David (I Samuel 15:28)
    Not the old covenant, but the new (Hebrew 8:13)
    Not the fisrt Adam, but the Second Adam (I Corinthians 15:45)

    God continually "takes away the first that He may establish the second (Hebrews 10:9).

    The devotional goes on... but I won't continue it here. Because these words struck me. Do they strike you? "I failed" the first time. But God gives a second time. This time I am trusting in Him, relying on Him, and finding peace as I try to balance a day full of pumping and caring for the baby and home schooling and housekeeping. Ya' know ... it is going well.

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    I am so happy you are working so hard to make some milk for your baby. I wish you all the best for your efforts!!

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    A chance to learn what we are capable of. A chance to practice endurance, persistence, creativity, and laying down our lives for our babies.

    I would have NEVER believed how strong my son has made me.

    I was completely 100% DEVASTATED when I found out I was pregnant. Everything was going perfect for me (in my opinion). Then I find out I'm pregnant (which at that point I was quite selfish and would rather be dead than pregnant) came home feeling horrible and my husband walks in the door saying "I want a divorce."

    I would have NEVER thought I could puke everyday, be sick, unable to work and hopelessly fatigued - and still resist the temptation of abortion.

    I would have NEVER thought I would lay in bed on total for 3 months and wake around the clock to take medication that made me sick. (For an unwanted baby.)

    I would have NEVER, EVER thought that I would agree to be needled, poked, examined, catheterized and seen naked by dozens of doctors and nurses over 12 hospital stays.

    I would have NEVER thought I could give birth without pain meds. (Not by choice, FTR)

    I would have NEVER thought I could survive 4 months of thrush (and counting).

    I would have never thought I would be able to nurse my son AROUND THE CLOCK, every 5 minutes, for DAYS to relactate.

    I would have never thought I would be easily and comfortably 100% breastfeeding at 6 months.

    I would have never thought that my marriage could be salvaged.

    I would have never thought I could someone as much as my son.

    I would have NEVER, EVER thought that I would love being a mom - the role of selflessness.

    "With God, all things are possible."

    Maybe I should make that - with god and LLLI, all things are possible. (Bad me, bad me " )
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    Default Re: Encouragement

    these posts are so great to see! I wish you the best of luck You already have such a great positive outlook and so much determination! It's so encouraging !
    Happily Married !
    SAHM to my two beautiful boys
    Ethan my sweet big boy! born 9-9-04
    Aidan my little nursling! (relactation) born
    Natalie Jewel Our Valentine! Born
    *Relactation- a labor or Love*

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    Wow, I am crying... Thank you for sharing all of that. When we expose some of the weaknesses in our lives and the supernatural strength the Lord gives us to get through it, it is amazing how life turns out. Beautiful....just beautiful. Thank you.

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