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Thread: Thank you!

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    Default Thank you!

    A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful mommas out there! Without you guys we would have never made it to 6 months! There is no end in sight for us.

    You are all so great and suportive.

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    That's wonderful!! I feel the same way..haven't really posted much here but have been reading for help pretty much since my dd was born. I credit us reaching 10 months of bfing on the coming Monday to all the reassurance I've gotten here-such fantastic mamas sharing all their help

    DD1-Nursed 12/06-9/08
    DD2-Nursed 12/08 - 10/10

    DS - Successful VBA2C May 5/11 and

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    WTG Gals!!!! :tumbsup

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    Yay! I've also made it to 8 months and never imagined I could, given early frustrations and pain. But, this forum has been my sole support and I also credit my success to it!

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