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Thread: It really does get better

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    Default It really does get better

    Well, Little Zach is 5 weeks old now and even though many days I had serious doubts that we would make it to a place of happily BF--we are!!!
    Yes, I just woke up and realized that for about 3 days things have been going fairly well. This weekend I even NIP and 2 of my friends said "Oh, I didn't even realize you were feeding him" Now, I'm not getting all crazy and thinking there may never be another rough day but I am just so happy that things seem to be settling down. So, to all those who have responded to my questions with great advice, I thank you very much. AND to those going through the rough 1st few weeks right now, take this as encouragement and know that it WILL get better. Just go one day at a time until it does. Whew, I'm so grateful for this website and the book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding", it's so necessary to have support and "I've been-there" help and advice.

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    Yeah, it only gets better from here, now at 12.5 months bf really is such a joy!

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    Just go one day at a time until it does.
    That's right!

    It does get better! Today my LO turns one, I reached my first goal!! I enjoyed BF so much, looking down at that little face smiling at me while he nurse, is so adorable.

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    at the one month mark... i do hope it gets better, so far it hasn't

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