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    i am exclusively breastfeeding my 17 day old son....and over the last 17 days he has spit up 3x. is this normal?

    it's not like vomiting, it's more like if he's nursing and then i bring him upright to burp him, i feel like i do it too quickly and he'll spit up a little. he doesn't cry, and it's not too messy - but i was a little concerned.

    i nurse 10x day (approx) - so i didn't think that 3x over the last 2.5 weeks was a lot...but just wanted to make sure. is he overeating? or could it be something else?

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    Babies just spit up, it's completely normal DS was a happy spitter who probably spit up at least 3x each feeding! If he was screaming and seemed to be in pain, that would be another story, but as it is, don't worry about it.

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    Be glad he's only done it 3x. My lo is a happy spitter and spits up all the time. We have to wear a bib so I don't have to change his clothes after every feeding. Smile and enjoy the lack of spit up while you can...

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