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Thread: Long nursing strike....

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    Default Long nursing strike....

    Hi everyone,
    We are really struggling at the moment. It seems to have been one problem or another with DS since he was about 6 weeks old (he is 23 weeks today). We had OS and OALD, fussiness........ we would settle for a couple of weeks and then something else would come up.

    Anyway, when he was exactly 17 weeks, he began being really fussy when feeding again, during the day only... he would feed just fine at night. I know that he is hungry, when I put him to the breast he does the motions for maybe 5 seconds and then acts as though I am torturing him. He pushes away from me and completely loses his temper. Sometimes with a long struggle I can get him to nurse eventually, but by that point he is hot and red and not at all happy, and neither am I. (It's also not helping my 3 year old DS either). This is not doing either of us any good. He still has wet (though not as many) and poo nappies.

    So this strike has now been going on for 6 weeks. I have tried everything to get him to nurse more easily, but really am at the end of my tether now. A couple of times we have tried him with a bottle of EBM and he takes it just fine. AND seems settled afterwards. I am thinking that I am going to pump and give him EBM during the day and then BF at night, but am scared that we are coming to the end of our BFing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? We are pretty sad at the moment.
    Claire, Mum to Archie, 5 and Jack, almost 3! Number 3 on the way!

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    Default Re: Long nursing strike....

    You are not alone. Many mothers have gone thru the same thing. I went thru it with DS when he was 4 mo. Refusing BF during the day, but ok during the night. I thought he was no longer interested in BFg and it broke my heart. Then when I came to this forum and realized I was not alone.

    At around 4-6mths, they become very alert and are very curious of their surroundings.. This link will explain more. http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...ible-baby.html



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    Wow, 6 weeks huh?? That's got to be frustrating. My son started a strike a little over a week ago (I posted the 'Nursing strike' thread) and I'm at my wits end. And he seems to be the oposite to your son, he'll only nurse in the morning!!
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain and I hope it gets better soon!!

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    Default Re: Long nursing strike....

    Breastfeeding my son has always been a challenge also. It started around his 3 month mark and has been off and on since. I second the pp that at 3-4 months babies start discovering the world around them and they "don`t have time" to sit still and nurse. Then they catch up at night when there are fewer distractions.
    There are a number of things that you can do to help him nurse better. Nursing in a quiet room with dim lights and few distraction should help. (although, it did not work for us ) You can also try a nursing necklace. It really does work. It`s basically a necklace with colorful beads or anything to keep him occupied while you are nursing.
    What worked best for us is nursing before his naptime. He had an easier time nursing when he was sleepy. It gave us a few good minutes before he fell asleep. Or try nursing him just as he is waking up from a nap.
    Sorry if I`ve repeated some things you already now. I hope you find something that helps. Nursing strikes are tough

    Mommy to a busy toddler

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