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Thread: sparse, infrequent poops, both pre- and post-solids.

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    Default sparse, infrequent poops, both pre- and post-solids.

    I did a search on "poop" in this forum, spent the last little while reading every single post that came up in the search, and learned more than I ever wanted to know and forgot to ask about poop. Except for the answer to my question. lol.

    Since DD was about a month old, she's always been an infrequent pooper, like twice a week tops. As she grew, it got more infrequent. The poops, when they came, were "normal" sized though. They filled up her diaper, but they weren't overly large or blowout-y or anything like I expected them to be. I'd always thought that the longer between poops, the bigger they'd be when they finally came.

    So fast forward to a few weeks ago, we started solids. I try to feed her a variety, both jarred foods and foods that she can self-feed (and the little stinker in the past few days has started mooching off my plate! lol). Her poops are definitely solids consistency now, but they're still as infrequent as ever, and still not "big".

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not complaining about the lack of poop... just wondering if that's normal and/or if anyone else has this experience.
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    Default Re: sparse, infrequent poops, both pre- and post-solids.

    One thing that I have noticed is that the longer that my DD goes between poos the more concentrated that they are. So it might look like less because it's not all runny and everywhere. KWIM?

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    Default Re: sparse, infrequent poops, both pre- and post-solids.

    Also more breast milk is absorbed into her body and not being pooped out, since breast milk is so digestible. So maybe thats why there isn't as much poop? My DS does basically the same thing, usually its not too big of a blowout, just the same as when he pooped more often, now just once a week.

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