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Thread: we have a little problem with biting

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    Default we have a little problem with biting

    My ds is just over 12 months now and we are down to one feeding at bedtime for the last 3 weeks, now the problem we are having is biting. When he gets tired he bites me. Sometimes it isn't that bad and sometimes it is hard enough to bruise. If I say "No biting" its like it breaks his heart. At nap time he wants to nibble on me until he goes to sleep . Fortunately he has only bit me while nursing twice...he does not like the consequence of me not letting him continue nursing. My mother and grandmother say its just a phase and just be firm about no biting, however my sister-in-law, who has 3 kids, say to bite him back . I just can't do that, but I don't like having little bruises from my shoulders to my elbows!!

    Is this a rebellion thing about no longer nursing? We have never battled about it. He just quit nursing during the day and then a few weeks later started biting me.

    Any suggestions on getting him to stop biting.
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    My son did that - what I'd do was every time he'd bite, I'll pull him off, tell him no in a stern voice and get him a bottle of cows milk. I'd refuse to let him latch back on (if he was really upset, I'd usually cave). But most of the time, he took the bottle. After a couple of days of consistently doing it, telling him that if he's going to bite, no nursing, he mostly got the message. He rarely, if ever, bites now.
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    Default Re: we have a little problem with biting

    My son tends to bite more when he's teething. Hope he gets the message.

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