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Thread: Relactating with Symphony pump

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    Default Relactating with Symphony pump

    I am a homeschooling mom or four (two through adoption and two biological children). My biological son is four months old. I am relactating and have moved from "drops" to small "puddles" (my word for larger drops that actually drip onto the flanges, but don't go down into the collecting bottle).

    This week I have obtained a precription for domperidone, for 20 mg/day. I know this is not enough, so I have ordered it online from one of those "you don't need a precription sites." The one on the "asklenore" page. This makes me pretty nervous, but I really want to take a higher dose.

    I am pumping hourly during the day and once or twice a night depending on when the baby wakes up. The kids are getting used to doing school etc with mommy pumping.

    I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANOTHER MOM WHO HAS DONE THIS USING A PUMP, as baby is not currently latching. So, I can't yet use an SNS or lactaid.
    (Yes, I am working at wooing to the breast, too, but well... easier said than done without milk).
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    Default Re: Relactating with Symphony pump

    Out of curiosity, how long did you go without BF? Since you are relactating for a 4 m.o.

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    Default Re: Relactating with Symphony pump

    I just want to step in and say hello and welcome!

    I hope you find the information on this forum to be helpful, and that relactation will be a complete success!

    Blessings to you!


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    Default Re: Relactating with Symphony pump

    How long have I been without milk? 11 weeks.

    I nursed my son exclusively for six weeks. He was a premmie, but did not have an extended stay in the hospital. I thought I was doing everything right (no artificial nipples, no pacifiers, nursed on demand, pumped and syringe feed when he went too long without waking up, etc), but he was just so weak and easily tired. He became jaundiced and didn't gain weight. My doctor is VERY probreastfeeding, but finally she said he had to have a supplement. My baby looked like a skeleton. I look back at the pictures and feel sick. The LC thought I could bottle feed after he nursed, while I took reglan and pumped to increase my supply. I very much regret introducing a bottle.

    Well, Reglan made me anxious, sleepless, feel "doom" -- you name it -- and it made my baby even more sleepy than he already was. My anxiety about his lack of weight gain (greatly exacerbated by the Reglan) lead me to more and more bottle feeding and less and less breastfeeding. My husband was worn out and felt like I "had given it my all and then some."

    I kept pumping until he was 9 weeks, but my milk ran out. I realized later why. I took a sleep aid at night which was the same ingredient as benadryl -- WHICH DRIES UP MILK!!!! Also my pump was not strong enough for the task.

    I came to feel like a failure as a woman. Impotent to care for my baby the way I longed to.

    I mentioned some scripture in another post that really lead me to try this. It is no doubt hard work, but I am slowly seeing results. I am up to about an ounce a day. I am excited to hear that it takes off after this! I will NOT give up.

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    Default Re: Relactating with Symphony pump

    I didn't pump much, so I don't know how helpful I will be. I just have a single manual and only used it when I was too emotionally drained to nurse.

    The hard part about relactating for an older baby is that they don't want to suck without getting something! You have more milk at night, so the perfect time to try to "woo" would be while he is asleep.

    If your breasts are kept emptied, they can produce up to 1 - 2 oz every 2 hours. Which equals 1 drop every 30 seconds or so. So if you can get a latch for 30 seconds, switch sides for 30 seconds, and go back and forth until baby is starting to get hungry and then give the supplement... I guess I did that a lot - mostly because I hated giving formula and I was procrastinating. And you can follow the same pattern for pumping as well...

    So my advice is a bit impractical and renegade. I got thinking about what women must have had to do before formulas and without a wet nurse - they would have to nurse constantly or the baby would die. So I figured nursing constantly must work. After all, the human race still exists. And it did work for me.

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    Default Re: Relactating with Symphony pump

    an oz a day is great ! the reglan made me feel as horrible sorry about the sleep aid doing that. at least you figured it out right!

    I relactated with hand expression, so it can be done many ways it's just much easier with a good pump i would believe thought he was nursing for comfort sometimes. he would have days where he would latch then days or up to a week even where he wouldn't latch at all.

    you are doing fantastic and I hope things keep getting better with your relactating attempts! you can do this
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    Default Re: Relactating with Symphony pump

    He is comfort sucking, sometimes. I really appreciated Tiffany saying that her baby would latch more sometimes than others. This is our situation. Last night he just would not do it, and I don't want to create an aversion. However, the night before, he really nursed to sleep. I was very excited. I am trying to not put myself on too much of a roller-coaster. I know that this is going to be a process.

    I guess I am focusing my energy on nurturing the baby and pumping. When I get a stronger supply, I figure it will help reinforce nursing. But I am putting him to breast at least once a day (well, at night). And more if he initiates it.

    When I have more milk, I am going to take him to bed with me. Right now, I just feel like I need sleep more. (I don't sleep as deeply when I have baby in bed with me).

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