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Thread: Wow I am posting here! :) question

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    Default Wow I am posting here! :) question

    Chloe turned one yesterday and is still going strong w/ BFing! Just wondering if this is normal. She seems to nurse about 3x a day and then A LOT a night. I don't mind TOO much but it is sort of a pain. We cosleep though. So is your LO a night nurser too?

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    Congratulations and Happy Birthday Chloe!! At one year, my DS still nursed A LOT both day and night. I'd say perfectly normal.

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    Hello and Happy Birthday to your little one!!

    It is not at all unusual for a one year old baby to nurse several times at night, especially if you are cosleeping, it is easy for both of you! Sometimes at this age, they get pretty busy during the day, and use the nighttime to make up for it so to speak.

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