Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, my dd has gotten a fever every month starting July 4, 2007. Then August 5, 2007, I got my first period after having her (her dob is April 6, 2007) and the next day she got a fever again. September 6, 2007, same thing she get a fever and I start my period. Now this month October 3, she is supposed to get her 6 month immunization and wakes up with a fever. The last two months the fever was not as high as the first time, and this time the high temp didn't last as long, but fever is still there and almost exactly one month to the day apart. Also almost always within a day of my period starting. Is there a connection? Is it an influx of hormones going through her system? I have just started her on rice cereal, and only 1-2 tbs once a day. Other than that she is exclusively breastfed, and eats very well even through the fever.

There are no other symptoms, just a high fever and sometimes drooling. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it. I thought at first that it was teething, but every month? It just seems to coincidental.

Thanks Jerrabear