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Thread: So apparently I've been starving my child...

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    Default So apparently I've been starving my child...

    I send my LO to daycare with three 4 oz bottles for the 8-9hr time span he is there...normally he has only taken 2 bottles of ebm when I pick him up. This has been for the past 8 weeks. Last Tuesday night I left him with a family member while I had class and she said he was super hungry after taking a 4 oz, so she fed him the other one and he took all of it and was finally satisfied. I asked how daycare this morning if he acted hungry after taking a bottle usually, and they said YES! That's good to know after 8 weeks of this~He never gets bottles around me so I had no idea.

    Now for my questions

    Anyway, I cannot pump more than 12 oz of milk a day, and that is really stressful as is. Think it would work if I sent two six ouncers instead and a jar of baby food? He LOVES applesauce. (I am fine with him starting solids right now at almost 6mths, he seems good and ready.)

    I have no idea on how to incorporate solids AND the bottles while at daycare, so all ideas are helpful.

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: So apparently I've been starving my child...

    solids would be ok at day care.
    What ever works best for you and baby.

    When a mother is having trouble pumping enough to satisfy her baby while they are separated, is it acceptable to give the baby mashed banana instead of formula to satisfy his hunger?

    The addition of solid foods between four and six months is appropriate, but it is important to distinguish between adding solids because the baby is developmentally ready and adding solids because the baby is not getting enough breast milk. Formula is the usual replacement for inadequate breast milk in infancy, especially for a baby who is not gaining well. However, in that situation the mother needs to consult her doctor to determine what would be best to give her baby.

    In the case you mentioned, it was appropriate to offer the mother tips on improving her pumping techniques. Sometimes, too, the caregiver needs to be reminded that a breastfed baby does not need to consume the same amount of human milk as a formula-fed baby needs. The caregiver may be interpreting the baby's need to be held and comforted as hunger. A mother who is having trouble pumping may also need to be reminded to nurse often when she and the baby are together to keep baby well nourished and to improve her milk supply.

    If baby is growing well and nursing often when he and his mother are together, the suggestion given in THE WOMANLY ART, to offer a small amount of mashed banana, could tide baby over until the mother returns without introducing the potential allergy risk of giving infant formula. The baby is not likely to take enough mashed banana to interfere with his willingness to nurse, whereas after several ounces of formula, the baby may not be interested in nursing when his mother is available.

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    Default Re: So apparently I've been starving my child...

    I would probably send two 5 ounce bottles then a 2 ounce bottle for the afternoon (closer to the time you will be there to pick him up so if he is still hungry after that feeding you will be there soon IYKWIM). When we first introduced solids we gave it in the morning. It probably does not matter at what point you give it though.

    Don't feel bad. Some babies only need 4 ounces and some need a little more. You do not know how he reacted. He may have taken more that evening because he is used to you being there to nurse. 8 ounces at one time is a lot for a bf baby to eat. I am sure if he was really having a huge problem at daycare they would have let you know sooner.
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    Default Re: So apparently I've been starving my child...

    The rule of thumb on BM left while away from mother is 1=1.5 oz for every hour away. So if you are gone for 8hours, 12oz should be plenty. If you are gone for more like 10hrs, you should maybe try for 15oz a day. I would NOT judge it on how much a baby will "take". Babies that drink out of bottles learn to drink until bottles are gone. So just because he drank it all doesn't mean he needed it all or was "starving".
    Do you have a freezer supply you could start to supplement with? To send over an extra 3oz a day? If not, can you make the difference by adding 1or2 pumping sessions a weekend? Perhaps you could pump once in the way over there? (Pumps hook into car lighters) and give the DCP that as well? I would TRY this....one extra 3oz feeding rather than bottles that ever exceed 4-5 oz. And if you are showing up and there is extra...pull back. HTH.

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    Default Re: So apparently I've been starving my child...

    Good advice above, but I'd like to add that ounce for ounce...BM is still far superior and filling.

    Unsweetened applesauce has about 12 calories per ounce, and breastmilk has around 20 to 30 calories per ounce. Same thing with most other fruits and veggies.
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    Default Re: So apparently I've been starving my child...

    I thought I was in this same situation about a month ago. I had some freezer stash to go to, but I was worried about the long term. Then, she settled at 12-16 oz at daycare per day and I can now pump that. You may see that you will start pumping more because this may be a growth spurt that your lo will start stimulating you to produce more for.


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