Hi there,

I got such great help the last time I posted here that I thought I'd try again with a new issue.

We have a family history of allergies, so I want to delay solids until I'm pretty sure the babies' guts have closed. (plural b/c twins.)

I've seen websites that say it's closed by 6 months, and others that say not until 6-9 months.

also, my babies were 3 weeks early, so i should probably add a month to whatever would be safe for a 40 week infant, right?


question #1) Is there a month by which I can be 99.9% sure the gut is closed?

question #2) Are there behaviors (such as loss of tongue-thrust reflex) that are highly correlated to closure of the gut, so that I can know when it closes in my particular babies?

I would just let the babies led with this issue, but I may have to go back to school at 6 months. I will do my best to pump, but it may not be enough since it's twins. So if there's a significant chance that the gut may still be open at 6 months (especially since they were 3 weeks early), I would want to know that before just starting solids to supplement if I'm having trouble pumping enough.