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Thread: Round the clock nursing - help!

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    Hi! My 5 week old nurses pretty much around the clock. She used to fall asleep while nursing (after about 3 minutes) and now she sometimes dozes off, and sometimes nurses about 10 minutes on each side. Still, I can't get more than 30-45 minutes before she wants to nurse again. Often, she won't go for more than 10 minutes off of the breast. I just started pumping because I'll have to start working again in a couple of weeks, and I only get about 1-2 ounces (total - from both breasts) each time I pump - I think because she only "snacks" when she eats. It'll be torture to build up a supply this way - pumping hurts!
    What am I doing wrong? Should I refuse to nurse my LO so frequently (one suggestion by a pediatrician at my practice) and see if she'll nurse larger amounts every 1 1/2 to 2 hours? (The reasoning being that she'll demand larger amounts each feeding, so I'll produce larger amounts.) I hate to see her cry, and I know she will if I deny her my breast. What do I do??
    Thanks in advance for your input!
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    Hi, I am thinking she is hitting that big 6 week growth spurt. My LO did that around then and it was constant feeding etc.. It does get better after a few weeks atleast for me it did. Then you get the 2, 4, 5 , 6...month to look forward to! I am going through the 6 right now and it is very draining but I am getting use to this. Hang in there!

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    Keep nusring... like pp said, it maybe a growth spurt....
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    Don't try to hold out and make her nurse less often. The more you take out of the breast, the more it produces.Sure, you will be fuller after an hour and a half , but when your breast is full, it sends signals to slow down milk production. Keeping it coming out keeps the signals up to keep it coming in. Babies are designed to do this, that's why when they have growth spurts and need more milk, they nurse non-stop - the emptier you keepthem the more they produce. Don't stress about how much you're getting out pumping - baby is more efficient. When you are back to work you will be pumping on breaks etc, as long as you are pumping enough for what your lo is taking during the day, you will have enough. Maybe not a huge store in the freezer, but enough. And even if you don't have enough, don't give up on pumping. Every bit of BM is good for your lo. Pumping shouldn't HURT - uncomfortable yes, but not HURT. Often people will turn up the suction on their pumps thinking to get more milk out that way, but actually doing that can get you the opposite effect if it's hurting. Turn down the power until it is comfortable and don't look at the bottles while you are pumping to see how much you are getting out. Tension, pain and stress over the little amount of milk you're getting all add up to less milk expressed at the pump. Relax, it's early days yet and you are doing wonderfully.

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    Hi - thanks for the advice!
    I pumped today after a warm shower (which also relaxed me) and turned down the suction - and got almost 2 ounces!
    I am going to continue to feed on demand, and pump as much as I can.
    Thanks again!

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