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Thread: When will this end?

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    Default When will this end?

    My baby is three weeks and two days old and all she wants to do is eat. She eats for 8-30 minutes and then wants to eat again before the hour is up. I know that she is probably going through a growth spurt but when she is sleeping she can go for five hours without eating. I was wondering if maybe she wants to eat just bc she is bored. I can't get anything done bc she is always eating, how long will this last and is this normal. She ate at 3:45 until 4 and then she was acting hungry again at 4:30 so I fed her. She ate for about 5 minutes and then threw it up. She is acting hungry again and it is now 5:00 but I am afraid that she is over full bc of her throwing up before. She always acts hungry, how do I know when she really is hungry and not just wanting to use me as a pacifier.
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    My guess would be the three week growth spurt. Its a tough period, but it will pass!! It takes a lot of energy for them to grow, and now is when they grow so fast, so they just want to eat eat eat and sleep!
    here is some info on growth spurts from kellymom!
    good luck and hang in there, it will be over soon!

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    Default Re: When will this end?

    yup I bet in a day or so babies nursing pattern will even out a little bit.
    And her clothes will be to small....

    If she is sleeping well at night she might be nursing more during the day to make up for sleeping..
    many newborns need to nurse up to 12 times in 24 hours..
    they will cluster feed too, so that it doesn't end up being every 2 hours.

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    In all actuality a baby doesn't really need to nurse 30 mins. later. Your lo is tiny and you're the most comforting thing she has. I would suggest nursing on demand also but if you feed your lo and she spits up milk because her belly is already full, then just cuddling might be best till next feeding time.
    Some babies will just use mom as a pacifier, and you can tell that they aren't really eating. But there are those babies who will truely eat more and spit it up. If that is the case, feed your lo every 1 1/2 to 2 hours to give her belly time to settle.
    If she just wants to hear your heart beat then wearing your baby to keep her close is great.

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    Default Re: When will this end?

    My son is also 3 wks and he also nurses alot. I have noticed that he gives of the same hungry clues like sucking his fingers and rooting when he only has to burp. Once i burp him he calms down.

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