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Thread: dropping the last feed??

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    Default dropping the last feed??

    We are down to one session (my boy is almost 17 months now) and I'd like to do the final weaning. I am definitely ready, but the little red-haired boy loves his booby. If I offered it in the day, he would gladly take it. if I leave it up to him, we might be nursing for years. So I guess I need to take the lead.

    Any suggestions on how to do this? I give him his bath, put his big sister to bed, lie hiim down on a blanket, nurse him to sleep and then put him in the crib. I know crying will probably be involved, but I'm just not sure how I should start.

    I would really, really appreciate any advice....


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    Default Re: dropping the last feed??

    How badly do you want to be done? Perhaps you could switch him to a toddler bed or mattress on the floor before ending that feed so that you aren't lowering him into the crib awake and angry. Another reason for waiting would be that later he will fall asleep listening to stories. But yes some do hang on for years!

    Either way, the best thing for many of us for the bedtime nursing has been to MOVE the session before eliminating it. Totally change the bedtime routine. This may mean a few nights he gets to sleep a little later than he should, but it's temporary. I keep recommending foot rubs for sleep, but any kind of massage that requires him to have his head on the pillow. So for me, it was, nurse, potty, brush teeth, read books, lights out, massage. Eventually I replaced nursing with a bedtime snack. That wasn't my last session, though, so I was always able to say, you can nurse in the morning, which gave her incentive to go to sleep at night. I got rid of the morning session by getting her up and getting busy right away.

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    Default Re: dropping the last feed??


    do you have somebody that can help put him to bed for a few weeks?
    My dd weaned from the last feed at a few weeks past four.
    There were a few tears but she was ready.
    At yours sons age you realy cann't reason with them much, there is just so much that he can understand.

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