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    Unhappy Desperate for Help

    Hi all, can anyone please help? I stopped breastfeeding my dd after feeding her for her first 5 days in the hosp as I had sore nipples and conflicting advice from nurses. I came home and started her on bottles. She is now nearly 8 weeks and after a 2 week break,i decided I would like to try again as I always wanted to breastfeed and I felt so bad that I couldnt do it. Anyway, after being put in touch with a breastfeeding counsellor, I am trying my hardest to get dd to latch on, my bf counsellor helped me with that, so I feel like I have the latch but cant get dd on!! Have tried skin to skin and finger feeding but she gets so frustrated with finger feeding as oviously not getting enough, my milk supply didnt dry up, I still had it after the 2 week break. I am taking Domperidone tabs and also Fenugreek caps to help milk supply. I am pumping for what feels like ost of the day and I am managing to give her 2 4 oz bottles of EBM most days, which i suppose is good, but I am desperate to nurse! i bought a SNS and is my first day of trying with that, she just not keen to go on the breast at all and gets fussy and frustrated when I try her and then she gets upset and so do I. I have been on the brink of giving up several times but am still going. I really need some words of advice/encouragement as I am so desperate to nurse. Please can someone help? Thanks so much

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    Have you tried latching her when she is sleepy, or letting her fall asleep and trying to get her to comfort nurse in her sleep? with my son it was easiest when he was tired to get him to latch, also we had to use a nipple shield for a while to get him to the breast and eventually we weaned him off of that as well, but it was best he was at the breast any way i could! the SNS he didn't like but some babies do like it !

    goodluck any other questions?
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    you can do it, it just might take some time to get her back to the breast...
    heres a good link with lots of tips...

    8 weeks is very young! There is lots of hope you can get her back to nursing....
    how are you giving suppliments?

    heres another good link about alternative feeding mythods


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    just wanted to say congrats on trying
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    It's tough, but totally worth it. You have about 8 oz of milk per day? That is awesome!


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    I'm so proud of you, that you are trying to get your baby to nurse!

    It sounds like you have a lot of help and that's wonderful. It can take a baby some time to learn how to nurse, especially after many weeks of using a bottle. I want to encourage you to give her a LOT of opportunities to practice. Can you keep her skin to skin on you during the day? Many moms find this very helpful because it helps them to relax and gives them easy access to your breasts. Some moms also find it helpful to practice when the baby isn't really hungry - she is used to getting formula out of a bottle which has a much faster flow than your breast. It will take her some time to learn how to get your milk to let down and to learn how satisfying it will be for her to nurse.

    It can be frustrating but it sounds like you have a lot of help, SNS's work very well for a lot of moms! I'm really excited that you are giving this a try and want to encourage you not to give up!

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