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    I'm sure you all get this question all of the time but I hope you don't mind another! My 5 month old (in 6 days) is finally doing great with BFing. My doctor said to start giving him cereal to help him sleep better at night. I did with a little breast milk and the first night he slept 6 hours straight and the second he slept 8 hours straight, the 3rd night 6 hours, then 5 hours and now, he is waking every 2 hours(for 2 weeks now)! We do the same thing every night like giving him cereal and nursing him but no matter what, he wakes every 2 hours. He takes 2 naps during the day and those used to be only 30 minutes but now are about 1 1/2 hours each. I don't nap during the day because it takes me about an hour to fall asleep and by that time baby is awake and I homeschool my 1st grade.
    I'm not really sure what to do. My doctor says to put him on formula but I'm not really for that, besides I tried to give it to him as a supplement one day and he hated it.
    Anyone have any ideas, or suggestions? Maybe just some suggestions on how to deal with this??
    Thanks in advance!!

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    Ahhh we are going through the same thing right now, but your LO is sleeping abit more through the night! We don't give him any cereal though, cause I know it might not help him sleep through the night. But maybe your LO is starting to teeth? I know my DS is on the verge of those little teethers coming out, and I think thats why we've been having some pretty crappy nights.

    But don't supplement! There is no reason for it. I mean if it is teething then the breastmilk will help it cause it has pain relievers that are released and go into the milk then your LO gets it, and it'll actually help with the pain, if thats what he is going through.

    Okay I'm done rambling and I don't know where I'm going with this. So maybe some other mamas will come along and help as well.

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    Hmmm sounds like teething and or a growth spurt. Plus if she is learning a new milestone that will do it also. I read their brain acitivity is really active etc plus teething cant help. If thats the case. My daughter just turned 6 months and 5 months was very hard. She woke all the time too. I tried the cereal thing with all three of mine and it never helped. I think some babies yes but definally not mine.

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    My lo didn't sleep well at night until he was 6 months old- and then I had to sort of force the issue. I ended up night weaning him by slowly pushing back the time of my first feeding. We had many sleepless nights. Cereal didn't help. I know it is difficult, but in the scheme of things, this phase will pass quickly.

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    We are going through a similar thing (my son is 5 1/2 months). At about 4 1/2 months he stopped sleeping through the night and decided he wanted to nurse all night long. At this point he also decided he hated his crib so we are co sleeping now I tried the rice cereal for a few weeks and to be honest I saw no difference at all - he wasn't that into it so we stopped. I work during the day so hope it ends soon but judging by the posts here I think this is actually pretty normal!! A friend had the same problem and said she has been giving a bottle as the nighttime feeding as opposed to nursing - this has helped her son to make it until about 3 or 4am. I may try it as well!!

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