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Thread: Change in production?

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    Default Change in production?

    My ds is 5 1/2 months old and it seems to me like I am not producing as much. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my MER did not feel nearly as strong as it always has been. I thought that maybe this was normal since it didn't, at the time, affect my milk supply. I went to work for the first time last week for one day and pumped the previous days. While I was at work I pumped one time in the morning, getting about 3 ounces, and then was able to come home at around 12:30 to nurse. I didn't pump in the afternoon, work was really busy, so at about 5:30 I nursed ds again. Could one day like that affect my supply? What about not really feeling my milk let down anymore?

    I am not good at pumping and only have a manual pump. I only get one to two ounces each time I pump. Do I have to "let down" when I pump to keep my supply up? If so, I don't know if I am. There are times when I pump that the milk does seem to come out faster but it only does this for a few seconds. And since I don't really feel it anymore. . .

    My ds seems like he is hungry but there doesn't seem to be much milk there, and he is real fussy. (Just this morning) But in general my milk supply has seemed to go down, it doesn't seem to come out as fast when ds is eating and I am not feeling my MER, which I always have before.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you in advance! Jessica

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    Default Re: Change in production?

    Many moms find that breast fullness and feelings of let-down subside as baby gets older. This is not a reason to question supply. Also, ds could be fussy for many other reasons. If he is still having wet and poopy diapers, than you will know he is getting enough. Here are a few links on supply and pumping as well.



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