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Thread: Breastfeeding and the bar exam

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    I also wanted to add that after having a baby they tell you not to drive for 2 full weeks.....even if your baby comes on time by the time you leave the hospital then you probably will not be able to drive and if you can't drive I would be concerned about taking a test that requires this much concentration. I know this is an EXTREMELY important examine and that is probably why you wouldn't want to delay taking it, however with a baby that young I think that would be more of the reason to delay. You wouldn't want anything to get in the way of your passing with flying colors after how hard you worked. Having a baby that young even if you FF would definately make it extremely difficult.

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    When I had DS, I had an unmedicated, uncomplicated vaginal birth. Yet, because of stitches I needed for a tear, I needed to sit on a donut for probably a month after the birth. Even with the donut, I couldn't sit for extended periods of time. Some women do recover quite quickly - it is possible - but many many many wouldn't be able to handle two straight days of eight hours of testing that soon after a birth (regardless of feeding method).

    If you do decide to go ahead with the exam, I think you would definitely want to request accommodation for extra break time to either nurse or pump milk. The early weeks of breastfeeding are a sensitive time for establishing a milk supply, and going long periods of time without removing milk from the breasts can have much more of a detrimental effect on supply than if it is later in the breastfeeding relationship. Also, for many mothers, when milk first comes in you have A LOT of milk for awhile. Frequently draining the breasts is necessary to avoid medical complications like mastitis. There was a recent case in the news where a mother requested extra break time to pump/nurse during her medical board exam. The request was originally denied, but then the decision was overturned in court on appeal. So, this may set a precedent for allowing extra break time for nursing moms. Here is a link to an article about the appeal decision: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070926/...eeding_dispute

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