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Thread: Cereal for 6 week old?

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    Default Cereal for 6 week old?

    My twins are six weeks old and eat constantly, most of the time they are on different schedules, so I will sometimes give them formula to satisfy them. Today, my MIL said that her ped. told her to give her kids rice cereal when they were just weeks old and then my SIL did the same. Both said it worked, I had never heard of this, does anyone have any experience with this?

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    Yep with both my sons I tried this per my MIL and it did not help them sleep or stop eating so much. I wish it had but it didnt. Doctors know alot more than they did back when. Its not good for a babies tummy to have food that early. My Ped said it can cause all kinds of problems. With my third I waited and I feel much better about that.

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    Congratulations on the birth of your babies! What a tremendous responsibility. I'm also so glad to hear the you are nursing them. That's great for them and for you!

    Six-week-old babies demanding little creatures, aren't they! They're hard to satisfy, typically. They want to nurse, nurse, nurse. This is a hard time. Plus, you have double the trouble: twins! At six weeks, it can seem like all our friends with singleton babies the same age seem to be returning to their previous life of sleeping, eating, peeing, when they want. But not us!

    Do you want to keep nursing your babies or are you interested in cutting back? If the former, the formula supplementation needs to be stopped. The more you give the babies formula, the less milk your body will make. Right now, their frequent nursings are nature's way of telling your body to make the milk they need to help them grow and develop.

    Maybe it seems like they are hungry because they are so fussy and want to nurse non-stop. Remember the signs of a baby that gets enough milk. Post these around your house so you can refer to them and be confident that they are getting enough:

    - Nursing for as long as they want as often as they want (8 to 12 times per 24 hours);
    - Having 6-8 wet and 3-4 messy diapers per 24 hours;
    - Gaining weight appropriately (do weight-checks with your MD if needed).

    Doctors told our grandmothers and mothers that giving rice cereal would help babies sleep through the night faster and sooner. Good thing for our babies that we know better now! Not only does rice cereal NOT help babies sleep longer, it's also very damaging. Their little digestive systems were not made for this highly processed, iron-enriched starch. Filling up on rice cereal may also make it so your baby doesn't take all the breast milk his growing mind and body need to develop properly. All they need is mommy's milk for 6 months or more!

    Girly, twins are hard. I've never done anything harder. Ten months later, it's still stinkin' hard. Giving rice cereal to your little tiny babies will not make having twins any easier. (In fact, it will just add to all the work you already have!!)

    Good luck. Come back often to hear from other mothers of twins who have decided to parent through nursing.

    Nursing is one of the most powerful tools I have to help my babies. I can't imagine how moms of twins calm two screaming babies if they don't nurse. It's the easiest, most helpful thing I do for them all day.

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    Default Re: Cereal for 6 week old?

    Wow, I just want to say that I really respect and admire you for breastfeeding your twins. That must be a lot of hard work. I agree with the previous posters. It is a myth that giving solid foods early will help your babies sleep. These days, it is recommended that babies are not introduced to solids until 6 months.

    Here is an article (written by doctors) that might be helpful- for your own information or if you need some back-up with your MIL and SIL.


    Congratulations on your twins and good luck!
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    Nursing twin mama here too! I waited until after 6 months to introduce any solids. Plus, the AAP recommends exclusively nursing for 6 months (meaning, no solids) and then to continue for at least a year. Also, keep in mind that 4-6 weeks is a prime time for a growth spurt.
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    Default Re: Cereal for 6 week old?

    Thanks for the encouragement and advice.

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