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Thread: Pulling off too early????

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    Default Pulling off too early????

    I have been BF my little one to sleep and I am wondering if I should wait until she pulls off herself when she falls asleep. I usually just pull her off because I think she's sleeping. I know this sounds silly but how can you tell? Can they still usck without getting milk...like pacifying or will they always get milk. I am beginning to wonder if she still is drinking just very subtle and I'm taking her off????? I think I am now looking ofr any reason why she isn't sleeping. I am making myself crazy here!!!!!

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    Default Re: Pulling off too early????

    Most babies have a nutritive suck and a comfort suck. If they are getting milk you can hear and see them swallowing. When they are dozing off to sleep their suck usually changes to just a comfort one like using a pacifier. If you take her off and she stays asleep more than likely she was just sucking for comfort. So put her down to sleep and enjoy your time. If she wakes up and cries then she may need to nurse more.

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