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Thread: Pressure to Wean

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    I am getting a lot of pressure from my DH about weaning at one year. He wants me to go cold turkey and just stop suddenly. I have told him that I don't think that she is going to be ready and have tried to point to all the studies out there. He just says that in poor countries they recommend bf beyond a year because of a lack of proper nutrition.

    I do plan to stop pumping when I am at work once she will take cow's milk, but I am going to keep going on a don't offer/don't refuse for as long as she will take it.

    Hang in there and keep doing what you think is best for your baby.

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    My husband started mentioning it at about a year and a half and truly seemed to want her weaned as we got closer to her second birthday. Well, I said yes I will start working on it, but made sure he agreed that gradual weaning is best for everyone involved... Lets call it a VERY VERY GRADUAL WEANING.
    At a year I don't think EITHER of us would have planned on letting her nurse until she was three and a half, but that's what happened and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Look. If the baby doesn't want to wean and the mommy doesn't want to wean. Weaning isn't going to happen... not gracefully anyway. And fortunately for me, my husband understood this. He wasn't happy about it but he wasn't a jerk about it either. It did help as our daughter grew older and started showing her independence in other ways than weaning.

    One of my husband's bigger concerns was about her fitting in.. that she would soon be different from most other kids, etc. That's funny because two of her three "best friends" are still nursing now and then and she's all done.

    Another concern was that she was monopolizing much of my time by nursing. Well we got down to once a day and I still wasn't getting done everything on my to do list. I have tried to convince him that *I* am the reason I don't get things done and not her. Heck, maybe it's vbulletin's fault! Anyway, it sure wasn't breastfeeding.

    When pressured to wean, I suggest you ask, as your child will, "Why??" The reason really may have nothing to do with breastfeeding. And be fair.. address the reason. But nursing is between mother and child.

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    DH and i have talked about this and he says do it as long as i want to or the new baby wants to but he does think it will be weird if lo gets about 2.5-3 and still isn't weaning. we will see how he feels in a year or so. the baby isn't even here yet so right now it's all speculation lol

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    I heard a mom at a conference a few years ago talk about how her husband was pressuring her to wean their son, because her dh was getting pressure from *his* family.

    She said she thought about it, then told her dh, "You know, breastfeeding is more than just a food delivery method. It heals boo boos, calms tantrums, settles an overly tired child.... it's a very important 'tool' in my mothering 'toolbox'. I'm willing to wean him if you will give me another 'tool' that will work as well." She said her dh thought about that, then said, "You know what? Just keep nursing him."


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    The Boy is 10 months now, and a lot of people are asking when I am going to stop, and when I tell them when he's ready, they always ask what will happen if he is 3 and still wants to nurse. I never know how to answer, but I have come up with my own way of saying I don't know. LOL! My initial goal was 1 year. With that right around the corner, I think a new goal will be set.

    My husband has also begun to ask, but he said in the beginning that he would support me in any way possible with breastfeeding, and he is not pressuring me to stop. Thankfully it is more of a curiosity.

    All that extra information to say that I think one should stop when mother and/or baby are ready and not before!
    Hot momma to The Boy born 19 December 2006.

    Nursing The Boy for 1 year...and still going strong! I kicked the pump out the door though!

    Oh, and I'm a cloth convert. Late in life. But only at home. Daycare isn't having it.

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