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    So my little one is 8 8 months and one week. When I first started solids I made my own and pureed it. It took him a while before he really liked solids and most definately preferred BM over solids which is normal. There were lots of days he would eat a little and then just nurse and other days he really seemed to like the solids and would eat a good amount. Then he lost interest. So I back off and just nursed and took the baby led approach and waited till he had the pincher grasp and did peas and that sort of thing. He really loves peas and carrots and does ok with those. But still there are days I cannot get him to eat a bite. He will clamp his mouth and shake his head back and forth. He nurses fine not one bit of problem there. I know that he should still most definately be nursing way more then taking solids but is it normal to not really be interested? Like I said some days he is. He loves lots of foods he just ins moody and will only eat when he wants to...lol. There are still lots of days too that other then maybe a bite or 2 he has no solids. He is gaining weight normally and is really long. He pees and poops just fine no problem there. Any suggestions on getting him to eat more? I don't mind to mostly breastfed him and am not by any means looking to cut out nursing as I would like to nurse him till he stops on his own. I just wonder if he should be eating too. My mom says he will eat when he is hungry. Anyway just wanted other opinions

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    I'd say he's doing just fine as long as weight and diaper output are okay. My dd is 10 months old and she still does this. Some days she doesn't eat any solids at all. But that's what the baby-led approach is all about - you offer but it's up to them to decide what to do with it. I'm sure he'll eat when he's ready.

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